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Featured Image for First Flight

First Flight

“First Flight” is a life-sized sculpture of the Benoist (pronounced Ben-Wah), the bi-plane that pilot Tony Janus flew round-trip to Tampa on Jan. 1, 1914. The gleaming sculpture commemorates the world’s first commercial plane flight and is the centerpiece of Benoist Plaza on The Pier. Read More
Featured Image for Morning Stars

Morning Stars

A mosaic approximately 23 feet wide and 7-and-a-half feet high, “Morning Stars” consists of several crocheted geometric configurations called mandalas — in different sizes, shapes and colors. Read More
Featured Image for Olnetopia


Belgian artist Nick Ervinck has added to his vast portfolio of public artworks with “Olnetopia,” a water-like bronze sculpture with a patina finish that is installed near the Pier Point. Read More
Featured Image for Myth (Red Pelican)

Myth (Red Pelican)

The pelican has long been a signature emblem of St. Petersburg, and in 2020, the City made it official by naming the brown pelican the City’s official bird. To honor the pelican, Nathan Mabry of Los Angeles has created an origami-style rendering of the city bird in brilliant red that… Read More
Featured Image for Bending Arc

Bending Arc

Internationally renowned artist and Tampa Bay native Janet Echelman has created one of her famous billowing net sculptures to dazzle Pier visitors. “Bending Arc” measures a massive 76 feet at its highest point and 428 feet at its widest and is perpetually in motion with the wind. The artist titled… Read More