Public Art

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Public Art

As if the 26-acre Pier park were not already beautiful enough, the City of St. Petersburg set aside nearly $2 million to present public artwork at select locations around the facility. Each is an original piece specifically commissioned for The St. Pete Pier.

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"Bending Arc" Janet Echelman

"Bending Arc"

Janet Echelman’s newest permanent work, Bending Arc, is composed of 1,662,528 knots and 180 miles of twine, the aerial sculpture spans 424 feet and measures 72 feet at its tallest point.

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"Myth (Red Pelican)" Nathan Mabry

"Myth (Red Pelican)"

The pelican has long been a signature emblem of St. Petersburg, and Nathan Mabry of Los Angeles has created an origami-style rendering of the city bird in brilliant red that is sure to thrill visitors at the entry of The Pier. The 10-foot-high sculpture has been fabricated from thick aluminum plate metal and coated with a satin painted finish.

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"Morning Stars" Xenobia Bailey

"Morning Stars"

A mosaic approximately 23 feet wide and 7-and-a-half feet high, “Morning Stars” consists of several crocheted geometric configurations called mandalas — in different sizes, shapes and colors.

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"Olnetopia" Nick Ervinck


Belgian artist Nick Ervinck will add to his vast portfolio of public artworks with “Olnetopia,” a water-like bronze sculpture with a patina finish that will be installed near the Pier Point. He describes the organic form as “linked to hollowed rocks and the wild waters” and “represents the dynamic power of life and provides a warm welcome“ to the Pier.

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