Marketplace Feature: A Year of MINDBEND

Marketplace Feature: A Year of MINDBEND

Take a dive into the exciting journey of MINDBEND, a remarkable vendor that has truly found its place at the heart of St. Pete Pier’s Marketplace. From dazzling glass-blown beads to vibrant resin animals and hand-crafted jewelry, MINDBEND’s one-of-a-kind pieces are distinctive.

In the Beginning

“We’ve always been tapped into our creativity and in 2019 we created an impactful, thought-provoking brand through our creations,” said Melanie Arteaga. “One night, we were brain-storming names for our business and knew we wanted to incorporate our deep passion for the mind into our name, and after some time “MINDBEND” popped into our brains and we immediately knew that was the one. We then started discussing design ideas for how the brand logo should look, and with Michelle’s artist background she was able to design our logo and truly capture what MINDBEND is and designed our ideas to life.” 

From Dream to Marketplace Marvel

“We realized after some time that the most effective way to get our brand out there was to explore market options to debut MINDBEND for people to see and get to know in person.”

After researching markets in the Tampa Bay area and putting their collective minds together on the ideal opportunity to showcase their creations, they found the St. Pete Pier Marketplace.

“One day, we decided to go to downtown St. Petersburg to walk around and enjoy the scenic views at Vinoy Park. It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, and from Vinoy we noticed the huge building at the end of the pier and decided to go to it and explore the area. It was our first time discovering the St. Pete Pier that day and we truly believe we were divinely guided there. As we walked through the entrance of the pier, we saw multiple vendors with their products displayed by the red pelican statue. We were intrigued and went to talk to them and supported their businesses. We mentioned we’ve also been looking for a place to set up and display our creations. they gave us a warm welcome and told us we can also set up next to them. We were overflowing with so much gratitude and joy, we were beyond ecstatic to finally have an opportunity to have a place to set up in such a beautiful area. It was in that moment that we both realized our manifestations came true.”

There were some bumps in the road at first; one being that MINDBEND needed the right permits and documentation to be an official vendor at the Marketplace.

“It was definitely an unforgettable journey, from being out on the Pier for 10 hours straight on most days. It was all worth it when we started receiving the positive reactions and support from people for our creations, which gave us the confirmation that we were on the right path. this went on for the entire summer and we were so grateful every day for the incredible opportunity. until one day, we were approached by the Pier management and asked if we had a permit to set up here. Since we didn’t have one, we were told to leave—it was unfair for us to set up here while the Marketplace vendors were actually paying monthly rent for their space. Without realizing it at first, this was the biggest blessing that could’ve happened to us throughout our summer on the Pier. If it wasn’t for us being told to leave, we wouldn’t have had the immediate motivation to push ourselves to apply for the St. Pete Pier’s Marketplace to become an official vendor. the same day we were told to leave, I went to the Pier manager’s office to introduce myself on behalf of MINDBEND to find out what exactly is needed to apply.”

After applying, the MINDBEND team just needed to wait for their application to be approved.

“One day we got an email from Juniper that read “Congratulations, you’ve been approved.” and we screamed and jumped for joy. We were officially approved to be a part of the St. Pete Pier Marketplace. A huge and eternal thank you to Juniper and Tyler for believing and seeing something in us and our journey, for opening the doors for us and granting us the opportunity to continue our growth and allow MINDBEND to have a permanent space at the St. Pete Pier.”

It takes more than just a spark of creativity to turn an entrepreneurial dream into reality. It takes determination, talent, and, of course, the right environment to flourish. That’s where the St. Pete Pier’s Marketplace comes in, providing the perfect incubator for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their business a reality.

“We’ve learned that life as an entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially if you’re on your own, you need to be dedicated, passionate, and believe in your business in order to achieve your goals. It’ll all start flowing more naturally as you get into the groove of it. When you want your business to succeed with all your heart, you can achieve it.”

The story of MINDBEND is a testament to the incredible support and opportunities the Marketplace at St. Pete Pier offers to those looking to launch their businesses, as well as the support and community from other local vendors. With its stunning waterfront location, foot traffic, and a community of like-minded individuals, the Marketplace is more than just a place to sell goods – it’s a place to nurture dreams and watch them blossom.

The Magic of MINDBEND’s Creations

Each piece from MINDBEND is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted with a blend of glass-blown beads and vibrant resin animals.

“MINDBEND is a world of a variety of unique and mind-bending creations that can be worn and appreciated by people of all ages. our main specialty is hand-making one-of-a-kind jewelry by using glass blown beads, that way each individual can have their own piece that they love and is one of a kind just like each soul out there.”

Their creations are designed for individuality and include delicate earrings that catch the light just right, necklaces that are sure to be conversation starters, and bracelets that capture the imagination.

“We also work with different glass blowers around the world that glass blow unique pendants and even beads for us that we get to utilize for our pieces. Creating our jewelry pieces is just like painting, the canvas is the string and the paint is the beads. While creating our jewelry pieces we get inspired by many things, whether it’s nature, the world, art, or colors that we see, and sometimes the designs just pop into our minds. We always put our high vibrations and good energy into each of our pieces.”

It’s this unique fusion of artistic elements that sets MINDBEND’s pieces apart, making them a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of creativity and the allure of truly special accessories.

“We are always creating new jewelry pieces every night because we genuinely enjoy it, and that way every weekend people can see something new every time they visit MINDBEND at the St. Pete Pier!”

A Year of Success and Beyond

Mindbend has thrived for a full year as a tenant at the Marketplace. Their success story shines a spotlight on the wonderful opportunities the Marketplace provides, fostering growth, innovation, and community in the heart of St . Pete Pier.

“We encourage any small business to start at a market or space that gives you the opportunity to sell your creations, it truly is the best way to get your brand out there. We take all of the lessons we’ve learned along our way and allow it to guide us in the future.”

Whether you’re a jewelry enthusiast, a supporter of local businesses, or someone with a dream waiting to be realized, the story of MINDBEND is a reminder that with the right support, dedication, and a dash of creativity, amazing things can happen.

“We’ll always be eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the St . Pete Pier Marketplace and for the way it’s positively impacted and nurtured our business. The fact that it’s been awarded a world-class winning destination and that they’ve created a Marketplace for small businesses to come together and operate individually is truly incredible. We’ve been able to meet and connect with so many people from all walks of life, from residents to visitors that visit the St . Pete Pier and are able to find us along the way, which has been amazing for brand exposure. Not only has the Marketplace helped our business flourish organically, it has encouraged our growth as entrepreneurs by giving us stability, structure, credibility, familiarity, responsibility and a permanent space that allows us to express ourselves freely through our creations. We finally have a place that MINDBEND can call home in such a beautiful and unique city, and it truly has been a dream come true.”

The next time you find yourself at the Marketplace on St . Pete Pier, be sure to pay a visit to MINDBEND and experience the magic firsthand. Who knows? You might just discover the perfect piece that adds a touch of enchantment to your life.

You can find more from MINDBEND on their Instagram @mindbendworld.