Marketplace Feature: Flaming Pearl

Marketplace Feature: Flaming Pearl

Step into a world of color and comfort with Flaming Pearl. Their collections offer a dazzling array of options, from clothing and accessories that embody the bohemian spirit with a touch of nature-inspired patterns.

Their high-quality Batik line features hand-dyed fabrics from Bali, and each piece is adorned with some of their own original designs. Their focus on nature and cultural symbols shines through in every pattern. From dresses to tunics, pants to skirts, and even headbands and sarongs, Flaming Pearl has something for everyone. They also cater to a variety of sizes with a select line of dresses that are both stylish and comfortable.

Their love for the unconventional extends beyond their Batik line to their tie-dyed spandex clothing, made from high-quality fabric from Thailand. Whether it’s a halter top or leggings, pants, or cardigans, they’ve got it all to suit your unique personality and add some serious flair to your wardrobe.

So what exactly is the difference between Batik and tie-dye? While both techniques use resist methods, Batik is a much more controlled process that relies on melted wax to create intricate designs on material. Tie-dye uses a hot water dyeing process and takes less time, while Batik uses a cold-water dyeing process—to prevent melting wax—with a longer production time.

But Flaming Pearl goes beyond just Batik and tie-dye. They offer an extensive collection of accessories and bohemian wear. Perfect for festivals and a fun night out, their snap hip bags are just the accessory you need. Elevate your style with lightweight elephant Aladdin-style pants or traditional cotton razor-cut jackets from Nepal. From shoulder bags to purses, wool hats to traditional tapestries from India, the accessories at Flaming Pearl complete the perfect boho look. Inventory is updated based on the seasons and trends, so keep an eye out for new arrivals.

If you’re looking for some seriously stylish and unique clothing that will stand the test of time, look no further than Flaming Pearl at St. Pete Pier Marketplace. It’s a colorful exPIERience you’re sure to love!