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Featured Image for Parking


The St. Pete Pier offers over 500 on-site parking spaces as well as extensive bike parking and access via the Downtown Looper and Central Avenue Trolley. For more information, including directions, rates, and nearby parking options, click here. Read More
Featured Image for Pier Point Restaurants

Pier Point Restaurants

You just might find you’ve worked up an appetite, or thirst, when you reach the Pier Point. Teak, a fine restaurant named after a fine tropical hardwood, is the marquee eatery in the elegant building at the end of the Pier. Located on the fourth floor of the Pier Point… Read More
Featured Image for Olnetopia


Belgian artist Nick Ervinck has added to his vast portfolio of public artworks with “Olnetopia,” a water-like bronze sculpture with a patina finish that is installed near the Pier Point. He describes the organic form as “linked to hollowed rocks and the wild waters” and “represents the dynamic power of… Read More
Featured Image for Morning Stars

Morning Stars

A mosaic by renowned New York-based artist Xenobia Baily is approximately 23 feet wide and 7-and-a-half feet high. “Morning Stars” consists of several tiled configurations patterned after crocheted mandalas — in different sizes, shapes and colors. Read More
Featured Image for Spa Beach Bistro

Spa Beach Bistro

This central hub of the St. Pete Pier features a cafe that offers grab-and-go food items. snacks and beverages and a great place to people-watch. The Pavilion is surrounded by colorful tables and chairs, so you can munch on a snack, sip a drink, enjoy good times with friends and… Read More
Featured Image for Myth (Red Pelican)

Myth (Red Pelican)

The pelican has long been a signature emblem of St. Petersburg, and in 2020, the City made it official by naming the brown pelican the City’s official bird. To honor the pelican, Nathan Mabry of Los Angeles has created an origami-style rendering of the city bird in brilliant red that… Read More
Featured Image for Splash Pad

Splash Pad

Keep the kiddies cool — and tire them out in the process. At the Pier Plaza, visitors will find an interactive water feature that is both a fountain and a splash pad, with big and small vertical water jets. On warm days — and there are quite a few in… Read More
Featured Image for World’s First Airline Monument

World’s First Airline Monument

St. Petersburg is the birthplace of world-wide commercial aviation, so it’s appropriate that we commemorate that history in a suitable way. The Benoist Centennial Plaza (it’s pronounced “Ben-wah,” by the way) features a full-sized sculpture of the Benoist Airboat that pilot Tony Jannus flew on the First Airline round-trip to… Read More
Featured Image for Bending Arc

Bending Arc

Internationally renowned artist and Tampa Bay native Janet Echelman has created one of her famous billowing net sculptures to dazzle Pier visitors. “Bending Arc” measures a massive 76 feet at its highest point and 428 feet at its widest and is perpetually in motion with the wind. The artist titled… Read More
Featured Image for Glazer Family Playground

Glazer Family Playground

At the nautical-themed Glazer Family Playground, you’ll find an expansive, colorful playground conceived by one of North America’s premier playground designers. Your little ones can burn off energy on slides, swings, climbing structures, kiddie obstacle courses, activity nodes and more. This area is conveniently located between the Bending Arc Sculpture… Read More